Thursday, August 30, 2007

~ " August's final Thursday ~

~ Climbing beauties~
" I am one who eats breakfast
gazing at morning glories."
~Matsuo Busho

~"When all the birds are faint with the
hot sun, and hide in cooling trees, a voice
will run from hedge to hedge about the
new-mown mead. That is the grasshopper-
he takes the lead in summer luxury-
he is never done with his delights, for when
tired out with fun, he rests at ease
beneath some pleasant weed."
~ John Keats

~ Brandywines and shocking red-orange marigolds~

~ grasshopper enjoying his spot on Autumn Joy sedum ~
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Kerri said...

Catherine, your collages are pure art....wonderful! The colors and photos are amazing. What a wonderful job you do.
Your kitty reminds me of our Finnegan..not sure whether you meant he looks like Bailey or Finn, but that's who he makes me think of. Lovely creatures, aren't they? A couple of our tomcats sometimes have a bit of a squabble, but mostly they all get along. I thoroughly enjoyed your colorful photos and loved the poetry!

Barbara said...

Indeed, you are an artist! Your colours, so glowing! And your grasshopper seemed to like to be your photo model ;-) !!

MrBrownThumb said...


You have a good eye for color combinations in your collages. That marigold and tomato collage looks great.

zephyr said...

that Brandywine and marigold collage is fabulous...i want a silk scarf with that pattern!

Grasshoppers fascinate me...the marvelous textures on its legs...and that primival looking head...i am particularly fond of the small, intensely bright green ones that appear around here...i haven't seen many this year and am wondering what's up with them.

wonderful images...again!!