Friday, August 31, 2007

~ Farewell to August ~

~" Summer's lease
hath all too short a date."
~William Shakespeare

~ Reflection's of August ~

~ August Beauty ~

~ Purple's and Orange's ~
Autumn hues...
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Marcie said...

Catherine, Your photos are just incredible. All that fresh, lively color just takes my breath away! Thank you for visiting my Quiet Country House earlier today. :)

Coy Hill said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting on Country Captures.

You are the Queen of the Macro Collage! Wonderful work you have here!

nonizamboni said...

Bittersweet time, this change to Autumn?! You've captured such lovely images.
I too like to collect old things, including pitchers and rose or flora porcelain. I'll be thinking of you the next flea market I attend.
Happy September!