Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fascination with Blue!!!

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Bimbimbie said...

Hi Cat ooooohhhh delicious photos wonderful way to start my morning *!*

clairesgarden said...

thanks for visiting. fabulous photographs!!

Alice said...

Lovely photos - and I don't feel one bit 'blue' after watching them Your earlier photos of the raindrops on petals are beautiful. I had a posting in March 2006 on the 'diamond' effect of raindrops on plants.

Thank you for visiting my blog - I hope you'll come again.

Kerri said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for stopping by and for the nice e-mail. Glad you enjoyed the lilies. They truly are a delight. I just wish they could go on blooming for months on end..but then, we probably wouldn't appreciate them quite so much, would we?
I too am a lover of blue. Your photos are gorgeous! I also love rain on flowers and leaves. And I'm a bit obsessive with the camera, as you appear to be too :) Nature is incredible, isn't it?
Avie is lovely. We have lots of cats in the barn, and one pretty calico in the house. We love our cats!!
Aren't the stargazers glorious? I had one but moles ate it..rotten little critters.
I also enjoyed all your quotes.
You have a lovely site!

the tattered nest said...

Hi thanks for coming by my blog! you are a very talented photographer!

Cindy said...

Beautiful! I just love BLUE!!!