Monday, August 27, 2007

A miniture rose~ named Minnie Pearl

Sun going down on the cosmo's...


"Happiness held is the seed,
Happiness shared is the flower."

Garlic chive blossoms and butterfly...
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CG said...

what a stunning collage of photos! I'm glad I found your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks in the first place for visiting my blog (redhaired COW) I am so glad you did, course now I see your blog...!

I a impressed by how you make that collages, very beautiful and ready for to be send as a postcard... You did a wonderfull job on that.

I invite you to come back anytime , I love gardens so I will visit yours in return...

Bye see you JoAnn :)

sandy said...

Catherine, thanks so much for your visit. Gee, I have to bookmark your site..these photos are gorgeous!!!!

Thanks again for dropping by.

Now I'm off to play with that litle cutie.

gramma zebra aka Sandy