Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~ NATURE~ Close~up!

~ Floating flowers...

~ Avie enjoying some shade, and alone
time in the garden...
"Our perfect companions never
have fewer than four feet."

~" A flower's appeal is in it's contradictions-so
delicate in form, yet strong in fragrance,
so small in size, yet big in beauty, so
short in life, yet long on effect."
~ Adabella Radiei

~and this is the visitor I had in my bathroom
earlier this summer!

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Anonymous said...

Catherine, is that a snake I see? YIKES!!! I would have freaked out, no kidding...I'm not a fan of snakes, mice/rat, lizards, etc. I'm a wimp.

Naturegirl said...

Catherine I adore your little Avie!!
Shriek!!!!! A snake in your bathroom!!!

(I have a morning glory but I don't know it's name..I thought
they are morning glories..period.)
hugs NG

Anonymous said...

IIIIIeeh... after the lovely pictures...the snake in your bathrooom!! How does it get in? Do you often have snakes around where you live?? I would be afraid!
The swimming flowers are lovely, at the moment I've the same on our table with just roses and some ivy leaves.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

oh my a snake in the bathroom...goodness!!! and the floating flowers is one image i won't forget easily's beautiful...

Marie said...

Yoy have got a lot of beautiful photos on your blog! I am here on my first visit and i will come again.
Have a nice day :o)

Anonymous said...

hi catherine, love your beautiful images and poems. especially the one of the perfect companion... a week ago we had to put our beloved dienah to sleep. we miss her so much!

Barbara said...

I just love the way you do your photos. Very different.
When staying alone in a friends home in Kentucky I found a snake in a pot plant in the den. Was I sacred - not knowing if it was a danger or not.!

Anonymous said... i'm scrolling slowly
thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous photos
the quotes
the wonderful pusscat
and THEN
the snake!!!
i'm no wimp when it comes to mice, rats, spiders, lizards and bugs of all types and sorts...but snakes are a completely different story. i couldn't sleep again until i knew how it got in and how to keep them out in the future!

smilnsigh said...

Thank you Cat, for commenting in my Seasons Snapshots blog. And for saying lovely things about it.

This is my first time here, and you certainly have some wonderful photos and mosaics and etc.! Simply beautiful!


FO - 2 said...

You are a brave one. Taking pictures of THAT visitor!
I would have been running or/and screaming! ;)
How did you get it out by the way????