Monday, October 8, 2007

The Beauty Of Nature...

~ "Never a day passes, But, that I do myself
the honor to commune with some of
nature's varied forms."
~George Washington Carver

~October Roses~

~Turtle in pond , looing up through the water
I think, he actually liked having his picture
taken, and I swear he is smiling in the bottom

~Hen's & Chick's,

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Andrea's Garden said...

Hiiii Catherine! I must add you to my favorite links so that I won't forget you and your beautiful pictures. Just remember the monkhood is poisonous. Kind of scared me when I read the article on as to HOW poisonous it is. I love blue, no small kids, the cat doesn't eat my plants, so it is there. There is another kind that blooms around June. That is pretty, too. Andrea

Susan Tidwell said...

Hi Catherine, thanks for visiting over at my blog! I love all your collages, it looks like you are enjoying picasa too. I was just working on blog post for tomorrow about that!

Come back anytime, and I will be dropping in on you also to see what is in your garden!

Anonymous said...

Your blog will be a new regular visit of mine - pictures are worth a thousand words, no?

Coy Hill said...

Wow! More gorgeous collages!

Thanks for the linkage, I am returning the favor.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Cat, I love visiting your blog. It is always a beautiful respite from my busy hectic life. Thank you!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

haha....that turtle is smiling for all our sakes ...he knew this was his 5 minutes of glory!!!!! :D

Wurzerl said...

It's really a pleasure, to see your collages. I prefere the last one, because my name "Wurzerl" is the bavarian name of this plant!
I'm sorry, my english is so bad, but Catherine, I try to translate my posts more and more in english, ok?!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Cat, wow I am so taken aback by the beauty of your photographs, they are stunning,and so inspirational.

I am so pleased you dropped by and left your helpful and lovely comments, like sunshine on my blogg.....thankyou xx
Have a nice week
Lynn xx

quintarantino said...

Hi Catherine... love those photos... but the last photo´s are of what flower? It reminds me proteas, but not sure...

Anonymous said...

WoW...some beautifully captured shots with lovely colours...the collages are just wonderful....very nice!

Daniel J Santos said...

as usual, a beautiful work.

Cathie said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers! lovely blog

Reginas Cottage said...

Wow,what a wonderful collages....
it's very nice.

kris said...

Very pretty - My roses are blooming away too - so fun to have those lovely blooms late in the season. I love your hens and chicks - just realized mine must not have made it through last winter - :(