Monday, October 1, 2007

Can't Deny It Any Longer~Bittersweet October

~October skies...
Can't deny any longer,~It's Autumn,
the light is diffrent, the colors, even the
smells & sounds..
even so, it's bittersweet

Autumn is a second spring, where
every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus

Savor Delicious Autumn,
for we all know what is around
the corner...

~Bittersweet October~
The mellow,messy, leaf kicking
perfect pause between the opposing
miseries of Summer & Winter.
~Carol Bishop Hipps
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Anonymous said...

Oh girl the leaves are gorgeous!! Your talent is amazing as usual

Hugs JO

Ruth Welter said...

Catherine, as usualy, lovely photos. What you have written about the seasons is beautiful as well. I love fall, such a lovely time. Although at this time, I hate to say goodbye to my summer garden...but fall is so pretty. I don't usually like what follows tho. : )

FO - 2 said...

Lovely pictures!
The whole nature is coloured in beautiful shades right now.
Every leaf is a flower... That`s true. :) The colours and the reflections are so bright and clear in October.
I just love the fresh smell of nature, these days.
Last night i was going for a long walk with my two girls.
Looking at the stars and the moon, breathing in the cold, fresh air.
Have a nice October! :))

Daniel J Santos said...

as usual beautiful photos, its a pleasure watching this place.

Britta said...

Really beautiful colorful autumn can be and I love it when the leaves change their colors. Wonderful!


Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

"Autumn is a second spring, where
every leaf is a flower." That's a beautiful quote. As always, fabulous photos. Did a little research and found out it may have been a white crab spider and I think they do morph. :) Lynn

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Well come on down for a visit and I will take you to the shop where I bought that urn container. It's a very neat shop in an old house. That urn is realllly heavy. :) Lynn

Anonymous said...

Just wrote about October yesteday. It is a nice month to be born in. I really like the way you have presented your photos.

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi nice to have you visit my blog! Your photos are gorgeous...full of color and the magic of October.

TRM said...

Love the polaroid layout. I love fall, the transition, the smell, the light, even the rain except when I have to work out in it.

Tom said...

every leaf a flower, what a nice way of thinking.
I noticed some Rose Hips in your pictures, I was near out local bus station last week and came across some really big ones, the seeds were popping out. I picked one and was surprized it was ripe, I cleand the seeds away as best as I could and tasted. I can honestly say it was the sweetest I've ever tasted, I took a few to chew on around town. I will be collect more very soon.

nonizamboni said...

Love the last (Hipps) quote! Certainly is true up here in Minnesota. The aster photos were great.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hi Catherine, I just popped by this morning to get an eyeful of the most beautiful photos full of the most wonderful colours.Life always seems happy when I look at your blog. It's so nice to see someone enjoying all the pretties in life as much as I do! Enjoy your beautiful Autumn,

Mollie Page said...

Your images are amazing! I share your love and enthusiasm for all things in the garden and in nature! Thank you for the comment, and thank you for sharing your images. The layout of the collages is just wonderfull. I may have to play with something new. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

you are right .....autumn is yet another spring...leaves put on such a brilliant show, that they can put the flowers of spring to shame sometimes!!! :)