Tuesday, October 9, 2007

~OCTOBER ~ ???

~It's October...right..? Someone needs to
remind Mother Nature of that...:O
Another Hot, dry day in the 90's

~The silence of Nature is very real,
it surrounds you...

...You can feel it.
Delight in the Beauty that surrounds you!
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Kahshe Cottager said...

It was unbelievably warm here in Toronto on the weekend - 31C! I had to put the a/c on because of the humidity. Today is wet and cool, more like the fall weather we should be getting this time of year. Whatever the weather though, I am glad it isn't snowing yet!!

FO - 2 said...

I can see that you are blessed with sunshine.
In that way you can enjoy the flowers, even in October.
I hope that Mother Earth is doing well....
Beautiful collages as always! :))
I have some Cosmos left in my garden as well.
Last night it was cold here and this morning there was rime on my lawn. I am glad that i cut it some days ago... ;)
At daytime we have about 10C and sunshine.
I have been walking and cycling in the nice weather. :)
Cold and clear.
Enjoy the warmth yourself. :)

By the way, you asked me if i will plant some new bulbs these days.
I have lot`s of bulbs, that i kept dry during summer.
I was planting them today.
I have ordered many more also.... ;)
I hope to get them in the mail soon. I will plant different sorts of Allium.
I will visit you again - soon.

So long.
Take care! :)

GMG said...

Nice pictures on your post! 29ยบ Celsius in Lisbon, Portugal, and St. Martin summer is still one week away...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always!

MMM said...

Wow...I love your stuff. Cool collage composition!

Britta said...

Beautiful flowers....it feels like spring when I feel the sun on my skin. Only the colored leaves remind me that it is already autumn.

Have a great day, Britta

Unknown said...

Hi Cat, I love the way you have the picture of the thermometer in amongst the flowers. Your pictures are always beautiful and they always tell a story.
It is really heating up here too as we are now into our second month of spring but this is kind of a good thing as the storms are starting to arrive. Spring/summer is when we get our main rain but it has been very little in recent years...not good for gardens!
happy snapping, Angela.

Daniel J Santos said...

no words, only beautiful as usual.

Anonymous said...

I don't read your posts...I absorb them.

quintarantino said...

Who needs words when there are great poems on each photo?

Susan Tidwell said...

Love your collages! I had not used that type of collage until I saw yours, thanks!

The weather is thankfully getting cooler, it is supposed to be in the 40s tonite here (north Georgia).

Try to stay cool!

kris said...

We had that hot weather over the weekend and Monday - and now the last two days have been in the 40's!! crazy weather!