Saturday, November 10, 2007

2nd Weekend In November...

~November's Autumn Color's~

~Autumn, ~It's tone is mellower,
It's colors are richer, and it is
tinged with a little sorrow.
It's golden richness speaks not
of the innocence of spring, nor
the power of summer, but of
kindly wisdom of approaching age,
It knows the limitations of life and it's content.
~Lin Yutang

~Glorious are the woods in
their latest gold and crimson...
~William Cullen Bryant

~In this picture, the bluish~grey
mountain you see in the distance
is the mountain my Husband,
brother ~ in~ law, & Father ~ in~ law
own, we can see it from our house, I am
in the wood's below our house~ when I took
this shot, We also have a great view of it
from our bay window in the living room
and front yard! When I refer to being on the
mountain ~ this is where I am !
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Anonymous said...

I feel so badly about not being in touch but between work and kitty I am so swamped.
I tried to send you this as an email but it wouldn't go through.
The more I look at your beautiful photos the more I think they are perfect for a book of nature through the seasons. Please, don't let me forget to set aside time to talk to you about it after the holidays.
Do you have all your photos in files? Are they classified by season? colors? type of flowers and so on? Can I save them from my blog to print them and make a small prototype to show to publishers? Of course, you would get credit for the photos and I could write some text to go with them.
There is a wonderful book titled the Sensuous Garden (by a British author) and I am thinking of a similar format for your...............
Let me know what you think.
Avie looks so lovely among the foliage and flowers. He is a star!

Tom said...

This looks like a dream place to me, such beauty. I can tell by your words and pictures it is something very special to you, something not taken for granted... you seem to have great love and pride for this area.. thank you for sharing this special place.

As pictures they are outstanding, as your view it must be heavenly.

imac said...

What great colours, and such a grand place to be at.One lucky person.

FO - 2 said...

What a beautiful landscape!
Love the colours! :)