Saturday, November 3, 2007

More than 200,000 Leave's....

~According to the Internet, and Oak tree can
have more than 200,000 leave's! We are
surrounded by National Forest, I couldn't
even guess how many Oak tree's are near
the house, or Maple's, & Birch, & Locust &
Popular....How many leave's am I raking??
Not to mention they blow out of the woods into
the yard all winter! No wonder every Spring
and Fall I go crazy & I feel I'll never get done! :0

~It was a gorgeous November Saturday,
beautiful blue skie's, a perfect 65 degree's,
a slight breeze, and the kind of SUN that
makes everything seem to GLOW!!
I spent the morning

~Avie enjoyed rolling around in the Leave's,
he reminded me of a child running and
diving in the
piles!! :D

~Avie was having such a good time, He
talked me into joining him for a walk in the
still lot's of pretty color's
still lot's of green....
still lot's of leaves to rake...

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Naturegirl said...

Catherine these images surely show us Autumn in all it's glory!! I love to see photos of *AVIE!* Don't we just LoVe our cats!!
I am pleased that you were able to see how my girls took over my nicely dried herbs!

My NEXT POST I am having a GIVEAWAY..
come on back early next week!
hugs Anna xo & purzzzzzzzzzz

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Thanks for visiting me! I put your name in for the give away on my blog. I love those photos, so very beautiful! thanks so much for sharing them with us.
xo Lidy

Isadora said...

Lovely presentation of some nice photos.

That's a LOT of oak leaves if you multiply by +/- 200,000.

If you want to see two more beautiful furry friends, you are welcome to see mine. They are on the margin of my Budapest Daily Photos blog. :)

quintarantino said...

One of my favourite trees are oaks... so huge, yet so beuatiful.

Angelika Poe said...

wonderfull pictures...

greetings for you and have a nice day from

Tom said...

STunning Saturday...
I'm reading this and commenting on Sunday.. we have bright sun out side today.
Your pictures and words painted an image of happyness and contentment for you and yours. Enjoy.

GMG said...

Great colours. Autumn at its best in your blog! Have a great weeek!

imac said...

Happy Saturday er now Sunday, Happy Sunday to you.

Hope you finished with the Rake, Sunday day of rest.haha.

Anonymous said...

You are so adept at capturing striking colors of Autumn. Such lovely photos.

ASHE said...

The leaves are very pretty, but the kitty cat's enjoyment of it all brings a smile to my face. My cat is loving it now that I have started to fill the birdfeeders again. Its like kitty television!

Bob said...

With fall being my favorite season I'm really enjoying all your Autumn photo collages. Thanks :)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

i would not know what to do with that many leaves in my garden ...i think i;ll go crazy like Avie......:)