Friday, December 7, 2007


~Where does the white go when
the snow melts?

~The melting snow on the barberry bush's
has now turned to
~beautiful, shiny, dripping, icicles!

~ " To be interested in the changing seasons is
a happier state of mind than to be
hopelessley in love with spring."
~George Santayana

~Weather forecast for tonight....
~George Carlin :)
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Kerri Farley said...

Oh My....these are stunning....the ice looks like Glass. Wow!

We had ice this morning on the roads...and it wasn't expected.

Thanks for all of the info on Douthat....we are definitely going to visit at some point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! So nice to 'meet' you and thank you for visiting our Blog :) Your photos are stunning, just like Kerri says looks like glass!! Absolutely beautiful :) Isn't nature amazing? It seems we are both dig-in girls! Spend just about every spare moment in the garden, even in the dark sometimes!! Inherited that from Dad and Pa!! We shall be back soon :) Jenn and Jacqui

Wurzerl said...

Hi Cat, what a wonderful post!!! Are your photos from this Autumn? We had some frosty nights but not enough to do so beautiful shots. I think I' ll come back tomorrow to see this ice photos again.
Have a nice weekend Wurzerl

Marcela said...

Hello Catherine
Beautiful pictures as always!!!
Have a wonderful weekend

bj said...

These are so fabulous....the ice looks just like glass and you did a fantastic job of capturing the melt down!
Thanks so much for stopping by my place...I hope you will come back. The posting I did today seems sad but it has such a blessed and happy ending.

Unknown said...

Hi Catherine..
thank you for yur visit..
thank you for posting the stunning and wonderful pictures.

Nature is overflowing with the grandeur of God!
- John Muir

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

these look like ice sculptures!!!!! :)

Naturegirl said...

There is something magical about iclicles..especially in the winter sunlight! Great images!

Sand said...

Amazing, I love the reflections you can see in the ice.

Anonymous said...

again wonderfully composed art pieces!
most creative!

Isadora said...

Does look like crystal and the light playing in it must be beautiful. Leave it to George Carling :) Bet he would have an answer to where the white goes when it melts too :)

Barbara said...

Wonderful, you "captured" the ice before melting! Beautiful pictures from a great winter day with magical moments! And I like your well matching quotes too!
Thank you for sharing!

imac said...

Ah, funny you should post about droplets of water - my story is about droplets of water -oooopps ive given you a clue to my question shhhh never said anything hehe.

Your photos (as always) is brill and you have captured the water just great.

Story ends and a question in my blog.

FO - 2 said...

Beautiful Catherine! :)
Wishing you a nice second weekend of Advent. :)

Unknown said...

Such lovely Christmas images, print them and make them postcards!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely Christmas images, print them and make them postcards!

Entangled said...

Beautiful icicles! I think the melting is even better than the snow ;-)

Beemoosie said...