Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fossils & Feathers,Daylilies & Daffodiles...

~Trilobite fossil my son found in the woods
behind our house.

~ Columbine rosettes
emerging in spring green with hints
of mauve & morning dewdrops!
Just as my horoscope
promised~ a mysterious day
filled with the possibility of enchantment!

~Fossil's & feather's
~'There is I have found, atleast one good or
lovely thing in every single day.
Everyone has sorrow, endures difficult times,
But loveliness abides if we look for it!"
~Gladys Taber

~Daffodils & Daylilies emerging! :)
~Daffodils come before the Swallow dares,
and take the winds of March with beauty.
~William Shakespeare
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Sharon said...

just love your pictures, the three in one is so pretty. Do you have a special program to do the pictures like that. I have always enjoyed decorating inside but I am geting into this garden thing a little.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

That's cool to find fossils in your own back yard.

vicki johnson said...

Wow...great fossil...and love those rosettes

Michele said...

Beautiful pictures and the emerging daffodils and daylilies are my favorite... I can't wait for ours to start coming up now that the snow is disappearing!

Shady Gardener said...

Wow! Finding fossils such as those! As always, beautifully done photos. :-)

Katarina said...

A fossil in your garden - that's really something!
The rosettes of the columbines are so sweet - a real promise of summer.
/Katarina at Roses and stuff

Tom said...

I've never come across a fossil myself. I think it would be a great feeling to be able to find one. All those quarry I have visited, and not once have I found one.. ha!

The pleasure of visiting here and sharing comments and poems is a joy for me.

Anonymous said...

Great fossil and lovely rosettes!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Cat,
Beautiful photos. My favorite is the Columbine rosettes!

Unknown said...

That is a very cool fossil!!And from your own backward. What a neat thing. I would love that~
Jen R

Ruth Welter said...

Cat, your beautiful photos continue to inspire and amaze me.

Love the fossil in particular

Andrea said...

Fossils in your back yard....amazing.
Signs of Spring is exciting me. LIFE.....it is a sign of renewed LIFE.

imac said...

Lovely photos, and intesting post.

You will like my new post.

Sand said...

the fossil find is awesome! what an exciting find for a back yard!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as always. Hope you are having a good week. :)

joey said...

Hard to top this lovely post, Cat ... quotes & photos meld perfectly. You're shining! Hugs ...

TRM said...

The fossil are way cool. We have daffodils in full bloom, they're peaking actually, tulips aren't far behind. Hope it springs soon for you.

Natasha Burns said...

Your photos are just so amazing!!! WOW a real fossil??? That is incredible! I can't quite fathom that - is it a normal thing to find fossils? I've never seen one except in a museum!

Kerri Farley said...

Fabulous shots Cat! And WHAT a find by your son! Neato!

I LOVE the quote from Gladys Taber....how very true!

Barbara said...

How lucky your son was to find this beautiful fossil. I saw the rosettes ...and now I finally know the English name for the plant I have in my garden and which seeds so well, it's columbine.