Monday, June 16, 2008

A few June flowers & visitors...

~Shaded woodland garden...

~Blue & White bed

~Not camera shy!!

~Another visitor, not camera shy, but very hungry!
Stood and watched me plant! Then feasted on my
flowers after dark!! :(

~Wishing everyone a beautiful week!!

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Anonymous said...

Baw, kasagad-sagad sa iya ubra blog!

Anonymous said...

The nice thing with this blog is, its very awsome when it comes to there topic.

joey said...

Dearest Cat ... it's wonderful to see you back behind the lens, doing what 'only YOU do so well'! As always, your photos are a feast for the eye. *BIG HUGS*

Kerri Farley said...

Great shots Cat! Your flowers are amazing!

Michele said...

Oh my, Cat, these are beautiful! I am so happy to see you back at posting beautiful photos once more. Wonderful shots of the deer... magnificent photos!!

astra said...

Very good photos. And whole blog radiate kindness.
Best flowers for present

Tom said...

My weeks just got much better because you are back posting.. and what a great set you have for us to..

Anonymous said...

great photos!

Lakewood flowers

FO - 2 said...

Beautiful flowers and collages! :)
I love the blue sun also.
I can`t get enough blue in my garden either. ;)
The deer is adorable.
Great post Cat.
Thank you for sharing.
I wish that I could walk toghether with you in your garden.
I just know that I would enjoy every detail and your company.
I`m taking a blog break soon.
For a month or so.
The whole family will be visiting Denmark etc.
The girls looks forward to that. We will rent a house with a pool and a sauna.
Wishing YOU a wonderful summer! :)))
Take care!

Ruth Welter said...

I loved all the close up of your shaded woodland garden...everything has a special beauty all its own.

Barbara said...

Wonderful colourful pictures! I hope this deer didn't eat all your new planted flowers!