Monday, July 14, 2008



~ And the wand like lily which lifted up
As a Maenad, it moonlight~colored cup,
Til the fiery star, which is it's eye;
Gazed through clear dew on tender sky.
~Percy B. Shelley

~Stargazers are considered to be one
of earth's most perfect flower's..
The color's & scents your senses can't deny!

~And the stately lilies stand
fair in the silvery light,
Like saintly vestals, pale in prayer
Their pure breath sanctifies the air;
And it's fragrance fills the night.
~Julia Caroline Ripley Dorr

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Anonymous said...

Oh my.. this is the best blog.

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Unknown said...

wonderful pictures and a wonderful poem..
Flowers in bloom.
Nothing to add.


Sabine said...

Beautiful pictures, love the poem too.


Frances, said...

Hi Cat, I completely agree. Stargazer is a magical lily. So easy to grow and find, even at Walmart. The fragrance is divine and the color so welcome at this time of year. Thanks for showcasing it.

Frances at Faire Garden

Katarina said...

You tempt me with your great pictures - I want some Stargazers!

NeereAnDear said...

Neat photos Cat.... you got me thinking of watermelon.. how that for an artists eye... all from Lilies




Ruth Welter said...

Ah Cat, Stargazers are my favorite lily as well...mine are just starting to bloom. I cannot wait to snap some photos. Yours as usual, are gorgeous. The smell of these lilies is so intoxicating.

Daniel J Santos said...

beautiful colors, is indeed a beautiful flower.

Naturegirl said...

I would agree that the stargazer is a perfect flower! I have always had several grow in my rose garden but I guess the cold cold winter was too much for them as this year I don't have any! sigh. Yours are stunning..I can smell it's intoxicating fragrance from here!!!
P.S. Cat thank you for the lovely comment on my rose post! xo NG

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow--they are so bright and inviting that some of the close-ups look like fruit!
~ Monica

Britta said...

Those Photos are just wow!!! That's all I can say abot it! :0)

Have a wonderful day,
hugs Britta

Tom said... always

~Laurie said...

Beautiful pics!

CaBaCuRl said...

Beautiful pictures...some of the close-ups remind me of watermelon.

Maggie said...

Your photo's take my breath away. The stargazer is one of my favorite lilies. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bottle the scent.

Catherine said...

The macro of one petal makes me think of watermelon. Summer time certainly. Your pictures are wonderful, specially the colors.

utestephan said...

Beautiful pics, i love your Blog.

Best wishes from germany


joey said...

I can almost smell their divine scent, Cat. I missed my blooming Stargazers while away :( and so I'm EXTRA delighted to enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing! *BIG HUGS*