Monday, May 12, 2008

Heart's Ease, Johnny Jump up's, Viola's

~Little Johnny Jump~Ups, that's my name.
Early in the Spring time up I came.
Don't you like my smiling face.
Singing in a sunny place...
Momma loves these tiny flowers,
Have a happy special day!
~Unknown to me

Hope all of you Mom's had a special
"Mother's Day!
I did! :)

~Johnny Jump~Up can refer to Violets or Pansies
A Johnny Jump~up is also a European wildflower
called Heartsease. Heartsease can also
be used as an herb.

They've also been called
Wild Pansy, Love~in~Idleness, Pink of my John,

~There are about 500 species of Viola's.
Most are Perennials, & Biennials
They come in many colors.

~And there is pansies, that's for thoughts.
~William Shakespeare

~How can one help shivering with delight
when one's hot fingers close around the
stem of a little flower, cool from the shade
and stiff with newborn vigor!
~Wishing you all a beautiful week! :D

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Britta said...

He, he, I love that "Garden Diva At Work". Wonderful flowers in your post, adorable. I really don't know where to start first in my garden.

Have a great week, Britta

imac said...

Such great colours in your post, Great shots.

Ruth Welter said...

Cat...thanks for the info on Johnny Jump Up's...I had no idea. Beautiful photos...very inspiring.

Tom said...

What stunning pictures these are.. a big smile from me for you sharing these.

Daniel J Santos said...

very beautiful, fantastic colors.

joey said...

Wouldn't you know Johnny-Jump-Ups are a MUST in my garden, Cat! *Big Hugs*

Sand said...

I am sorry I haven't been to visit in a while. Been so busy. Your flower photos are amazing. I am totally in love with several of them. Cannot wait to see more!

FO - 2 said...

Adorable little beauties. :)

Anonymous said...

Not only we got to see great colours, but also a pretty sign about a Diva at Work!

Michele said...

Oh boy, my favorites... purples are my weakness. These are brilliant... nature is your work of art and I see you are creating masterpieces... beautiful!

Katarina said...

So many violets in different shapes and colours - lovely! Mother's day is on Sunday in Sweden - I take it yours was great!

Britta said...

Hi Cat, it's me again. Thanks for your nice coments on my blog. Well yes I do have tartburners. If you look on my blog in september or october 2007 you can see them. I now have four now but I'm sure those won't be the last ones. ;o)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Bimbimbie said...

I adore these little Johnny Jump Ups and their big Sister Pansy. Grandad grew them along with roses ... I always went for the real stars under the roses lol. I've got some ready to flower through our winter - they are jumping out in pots and the ground and hopefully I'll get some more at the weekend market. Smiles*!*

The Wessex Reiver said...

I like your postings very much, always a real tonic and an uplift ina gloomy world. Keep them coming. BR

Unknown said...

Came from Wiggers World - what a find - Magnificent - Flowers are my heart passion sandy