Friday, May 16, 2008

Yellow & White...

~Yellow water Iris
The color yellow shines with optimisim,
enlightenment, and happiness.

~"The splendor of the Rose and the
whitness of the lily
do not rob the little violet of it's scent
nor the
"daisy" of it's simple charm!
If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose,
Spring would loose it's lovliness."

~Water Iris begin to bloom in the pond...
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

How the color Yellow affects us:
Stimulates mental processes
Stimulates the nervous system
Activates memory
Encourages communication

The color WHITE enables fresh beginnings
aides in mental clarity
evokes purification of thoughts and actions
White projects purity, cleanliness,& neutrality.
Wishing everyone a Beautiful weekend! :)

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Sarah Laurence said...

Cat, I love these macro flower images. All your bright flowers glow against the black background, and the scrapbook compositions are very original. I'm going to enjoy seeing more. What a visually stunning blog!

Travis said...

Great macros. That last photo is just wonderful.

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Each of these is stunning! I truly do love the simplicity of daisies ~ when you study them up close, they can be just as fancy as roses!

Digital Polaroids said...

I love Daisies, the are my favourite flower!

A wildlife gardener said...

These are stunning, as always :)

I love of my favourite flowers, and we have many flag irises in our two ponds :)

If you'd like to read about two kinds of daisy I grow, click on the links, Cat :)

imac said...

Hi Cat,still playing
You certainly love you plants and flowers, it shows in your photos , they are fantastic and really captured their colour and close ups are great.its a pleasure to visit a spendid blog like yours.

Naturegirl said...

The yellow and white post is stunning great photography! :)NG

Marie said...

Beautiful photos :)

Unknown said...

beautiful summer colors... such a treat from the drab colors of winter.... and i love daisies, they are my fav..

on my site there is a questionaire where you can find out what flower you are.... and to my surprise... i am a Daisy... :)

your photos are always so vibrant Cat.... i enjoyed!

Tom said...

All the pictures are stunners.. but the side view of the daisy really stands out..

joey said...

These photos (2 of my favorite colors) are marvelous, Cat. Big hugs ...

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

oh love the daisies....they are some of my fav. flowers........simple and cute, thats how i think of them :)

Deb said...

Hi Cat
Thank you for stopping by my blog - I am so glad you did so I could find yours :-}
Your photos are absolutely amazing!

Tara said...

Thanks for taking a visit to my blog...this is sucha nice place to be, I'll be back for a visit!


Anonymous said...

Love the Shasta Daisies! Nice.

Mireille said...

the daisy flower is for me the most rural flower, and I like it!
And your photos of daisy and iris water are superbs...
Have you make, already, a daisy's necklace ?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and lovely daisies ... a simple flower and yet beautiful!

Stacey Olson said...

Love these photos,Daisys are my favorite... thanks so much for sharing.

FO - 2 said...

Stunners - all of them! :)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Lené Gary said...

So nice to see real yellow. That's the next color to come in Vermont. Right now, we've still got a majority of white wildflowers blooming. And to the iris! :) Beautiful pictures, Cat.


philippine flowers said...

Oh' this Yellow water Iris is so pretty. I love it, and I agree with you there, "The color yellow shines with optimisim,
enlightenment, and happiness." very well said. That's also the main reason why yellow is my favorite color. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it.


flower Philippine said...

Those flowers were so attractive! It can catch anyone's attention, Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading this. Keep posting!.