Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Memory Of Tasha Tudor (1915-2008)

~Remembering Tasha~
Her philosophy on life~TAKE JOY!

~"The gloom of the world is but a shadow behind it,
yet within our reach is joy, Take joy."
~Fra Giovanni

~Remembering Tasha as I looked at the
strawberry moon last night,
And all day as I worked in my garden,
my thoughts were of her!
You will live on in our heart's forever!

~Tasha Tudor's memory will live on...
Through her beautiful books, & illustrations,
Her beautiful art, her love for nature & animals,
Her strength, & her 1830's lifestyle, her inspirational
outlook on life! Her gorgeous cottage style garden
filled with beautiful antique flowers!

~Tasha Tudors Garden ~one of my favorite
books about her! Tasha described her garden
as paradise on earth, many have been lucky
enough to tour her gorgeous garden and I'm
sure they to0 found it paradise on earth, I am
happy to visit her garden whenever I choose
by looking at my favorite book, where I too
can see her garden was truly a paradise with
her six foot tall foxgloves, her glorious heirloom
roses, her camelias, & poppies, and beautiful
peonies, her favorite johnny~jump~ups,daisys,
& lupines and her wonderful fairy ring of dianthus,
Her lilies and her prized holly hocks!
~Just to name a few! :)

Yes Tasha you will live on in our
hearts forever!!
Tasha Tudor
Remember Tasha always
Remember to TAKE JOY!
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NeereAnDear said...

Beautiful tribute Cat... the world has lost Our Mother Goose... and one of the best illustrators ever... Her legacy will live on in our hearts



The Wessex Reiver said...

To be remembered in this way shows affection for the person, by someone who admired her. wonderful posting

joey said...

Again you have done what you do best ... melding the soul of life through your gift of words and beautiful photography. A heartfelt tribute, Cat ... I have tenderly handled many of Tasha Tudor's books. As always, a gal after my own heart. Big hugs from your dear friend.

Naturegirl said...

A beautiful tribute to a treasure that we will all miss!All of nature misses her already.
Thank you for sharing!

Tom said...

Stunning tribute, I'm sorry to say I have not heard of this lady.. but I have made a note to find out more.

Sabine said...

A beautiful tribute. I did not know that she had past. I have that book of her garden and look at it often. She was one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

I really sort of thought I might be the only person who felt this admiration of and connection to Tasha Tudor. Her love of animals and gardens, and her ability to live the life SHE wanted to live has always inspired me. Great tribute!

Anonymous said...

Catherine, what a beautiful tribute.
And, as usual, what vivid colours on your photos!

Marie said...

Beautiful flowers :)

Travis said...

Nice Tribute. Great photos. Sorry I have been gone for so long. Check out my latest post to see where I have been.