Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Garden is full of 'Avalanche's'...

A gorgeous white~loved by bees & butterflies!

~Pixie lilies~ (Avalanche)
Bought yrs ago...because I love white flowers,
& My cat's
name is Avalanche!

~Favorite Garden ornament!
"A garden without cats...
can scarcely deserve to be
called a garden at all."
~Beverly Nicoles

~So as you can see...
Lots of little Avalnaches in my garden!
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Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Your flowers are beautiful and so is your cat!!
The heat we are having is putting a damper on our gardens...hopefully it won't be like this all summer!
Have a good one!

joey said...

A fun post dear Cat and handsome portrait of Avalanche. I love white in the garden ... of course, you would know that :) (But where are the white M&Ms?)

Tom said...

Your garden sounds like a beautiful place to be... and by the look of these pictures it sure is.


imac said...

Super post and fantastic shots.

The fun has now begun-visit

Carole said...

I love white flowers too. Your little Avalanche is too precious. Your right about the quote "a garden without cats can hardly be called a garden". I love when my cats come out to the garden with me but worry about the traffic so close.
So glad your blogging again.
Welcome back!

Renaissance said...

Love the cat quote - so true, I must get some photographs of my cats on the blog.

Laurie said...

I love to look at the variety of images in your posts. They are so pretty and well presented.

Bimbimbie said...

Hello Cat, do you ever get the temptation to yell out
A v a l a n c h e from your porch, I wouldn't be able to resist*!*

Anonymous said...

i often dream of an all white garden. the white pictures here make me want one even more... nice!