Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~Food For The Soul...

~A garden is food for the soul
A simple pleasure to behold...

~A place to dream of things to come
to listen to nature & life's hum...

~It's beauty last throughout our days
And gives us peace in many ways
Ever changing with every light
It shows its strength with such delight

~ A garden is food for the soul
A simple pleasure to behold.
~Author Unknown
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FO - 2 said...

Indeed! :)))
And there is always a new "serving". Your samples are DELICIOUS! :)))

The blue flower in THIS post is a Agapanthus praecox.

Carole said...

Delightful poem and your pictures are wonderful. I especially like the bee and the sort of glow you captured.

Karin said...

What a great title for this post - your pics are really food for the soul and you seem to have a wonderful garden! Thank you for your kind words!

Have a wonderful up-coming weekend!

Moa said...

"A garden is food for the soul
A simple pleasure to behold" so true and lovely words.. =).. Thanks for your visit at my places.. and kind words. *smile all over the face*.. I like your blog, you put your pictures togheter so beutiful, it's a pleasure to look at. Have a nice weekend here in sweden its rain rain.. and rain..

Ninni said...

Food for the soul...oh yes indeed! Very beautiful photos! I like the way you put them together.
Thanks for your visit on my blog and your kind words!
Hope you´ll have a nice weekend!

Hem och Harmoni Marie said...

I love your lovely photos! So wonderful!

Many thanks for your comment on my raspberries on my blog. It was really fun to get a comment from you!

I wish you a nice weekend! And you are welcome back to my blog...
Marie at Home & Harmony

Tom said...

Another beautiful post, it is always such a pleasure stopping by here.. I know that my eyes are in for a treat..

Today my blogs show Road Names and Grandchildren Play
Have a great weekend

Quint said...

You said it all ... food for the soul!
Fine colours as always.

Poppins said...

Yes, it is food for my soul! You have a lot of beautiful things in your garden.
Thank you for your nice comments.
/ Poppins

Fish Whisperer said...

Cat, long time. Thanks for stopping by. I love your close-ups. The colors make me smile.

Laurie said...

I love the purple and white of the petunias (?). The bee shots with the bee bottom is my favorite in this series. Made me smile.

Naturegirl said...

Your images are food for the soul!
Beauties all of them!!
My garden my respite!

Sabine said...

Food for the soul....very true, that is what my garden is for me. Gorgeous pictures, I love the Bee closeups.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful collages and photos are usual, love the purple one.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. You are very talented. By the way, what kind of roses are those? I would like to plant them in my garden. Thanks.

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These are such very stunning photos. It really made me smile. Thank you for the post. I have so much fun looking at these very beautiful photos.