Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yesterday I recieved the You Make Me Smile Award
from Jo at http://www.neereandearcreations.com/wordpress/
Which made my day!! Thanks Jo, Nice to know I have made
you smile, you certainly have given me many smiles!! :)
I am suppose to pass this award on to 10 people
a daunting task, don't want to leave anyone
out... first I have to pass it right back at ya Jo..:)

  1. 1. Jo at http://www.neereandearcreations.com/wordpress/
  2. Ida at http://surfida.blogspot.com/ Visit her little corner of the world..& you are filled with smiles!!
  3. The fabulous fifi at http://www.fabulousfifi.typepad.com/ Always makes me smile!
  4. Bimbimbie at http://bimbimbie.blogspot.com/ Can't help but smile , when you visit her!
  5. David at http://leavemealoneimdigging.blogspot.com/ always makes me smile! ;)
  6. Moi at http://mykodak.blogspot.com/ thanks for all the smiles!
  7. Nature Girl at http://nature-trail.blogspot.com/ thanks for making me smile!
  8. Old Wom Tiggley at http://womtig.blogspot.com/ all your wonderful kind comments make me smile! :)
  9. Q at http://q-corner.blogspot.com/ constant source of smiles...:)
  10. And last but not least ~to every single visitor, for visiting again and again & all your nice comments ~you always lift me up and make me S*M*I*L*E*!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You are such a sweetie and guess what... I am smiling!


Bimbimbie said...

*!* Smiling for you too *!*

Kahshe Cottager said...

Congratulations!!! 8-)

Tom said...

Thankyou for thinking of me with the award... it's your pictures which I praise and deserve all the awards.
I downloaded Picasa2 the other day and I am very impressed with the ease of use.. I certainly look at flowers differently since visiting here and Ruth's blog..
So again Thank You.. ;)

FO - 2 said...

Congratulation with the award! :)
You really deserve it! :))
Thank you a million times for passing it on to me! :))
You made me very happy!
I will pass it on!

One song came to my mind when i saw the label for the award.
It`s performed by a Norwegian group. I will give you a link, in that way you can listen to it, if you want.
It`s beautiful!


Q said...

You always make me smile too.
Thank you for thinking of me and my journal.
I will smile and pass this on. So many delightful people in our community.
Many smiles,

Naturegirl said...

You are the one that makes me and others smile!
Thank you right about now I need to smile! Hugs NG

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

Thank u for the award Catherine and Congatulations on yours...have a happy day , full of smiles :)